Tax Resolution Services

Running a business or just managing your life can provide enough challenges without the added burden of tax problems. If you're behind in taxes and need to pull yourself out of the quagmire of overdue taxes, penalties, and interest charges, contact Munoz & Company, CPA, a tax relief professional and certified tax resolution specialist. With more than 30 years of experience, I've been helping residents of Tampa and nearby communities overcome their tax problems and achieve urgently needed tax relief. As a seasoned tax consultant, I offer the expertise and dedication to effectively assist clients in getting their lives and finances back on the right track.

Payroll Tax Resolution

In order to avoid tax issues with the government, business owners need to stay current with their payroll taxes—whether they need to be paid once a month or quarterly. Not only are business owners held responsible for back payroll taxes, but those responsible for bookkeeping can also be held accountable. If your business is encountering problems with unpaid or late payroll taxes, consult an experienced professional in payroll tax resolution: Gilbert J. Munoz, CPA, CTRS.

Offer in Compromise

Gilbert J. Munoz, CPA - Tax AdvisorOver the years, I have provided significant tax relief help to clients whose tax debt to the IRS far exceeded their ability to pay it back—even in installments. Munoz & Company, CPA, will evaluate your situation, advise you on your options, and work with you to prepare and submit the required documentation for this common form of tax settlement. I have a solid track record of success in helping clients resolve their personal and business tax problems, so call or e-mail me today for more information.

Penalty Abatement

As you may have already discovered, owing back taxes to the government can be much more costly than simply having to pay back the overdue amount. When penalties and interest charges start kicking in, your total debt to the IRS can quickly escalate out of control. Fortunately, there are conditions under which late penalties and interest fees can be reduced or minimized. Reasonable causes that the IRS considers when weighing penalty abatement requests include the following circumstances:

  • Death in the family
  • Unavoidable absence due to hospitalization or imprisonment
  • Destruction of tax records due to disaster

Owned by Gilbert J. Munoz, Munoz & Company, CPA, can help you successfully navigate through the complex forms, procedures, and requirements of getting the penalty abatements you need to bring your tax problems under control. Get the help you need, starting today.

Stopping Wage Garnishment

Although the IRS is authorized to impose a wage garnishment on your earnings to collect unpaid taxes, this can have a debilitating effect on your finances. If this is happening to you, contact Munoz & Company, CPA, immediately. I will negotiate with the IRS to develop an alternative method of tax settlement so that your earnings are left undisturbed.

Innocent Spouse Relief Claims

When couples file joint tax returns, both individuals are held equally liable for tax debt that's been accrued. That means the IRS can hold you fully liable for the repayment of back taxes that your husband or wife may have incurred and not revealed to you. Divorce or separation adds another layer of complexity to that problem. If you feel you're being unfairly held accountable for a marital tax debt, you may qualify for one of three types of "Innocent Spouse Relief." My extensive experience in evaluating these situations and preparing claims to the IRS has helped my clients get the tax relief they deserve.

Appealing IRS Liens/Levy Collections

Munoz & Company, CPA, is experienced at representing clients before the IRS in resolving a variety of tax problems, including matters involving delinquent tax returns, IRS liens, IRS levy collections appeals, employment tax examinations, and other complex issues. I will talk to the IRS on your behalf and negotiate a settlement that will provide you with needed tax relief and help you systematically resolve your tax problems with the IRS. Call or e-mail me today to get the process started with a free initial consultation.

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